(No I did not wait 16-18 months as God, Ordained this charity) From that Time On, I Worked with a very Godly Man named Peter Loenhorst, who Was with us for almost 15 Years. (He Is now St. Peter in Heaven). Peter Was, in Thought, Action and deed; a Saint on This earth.
Later, we were donated an office and I Worked As the receptionist to enroll Clients in Need Iinto Our programs. My Work was "hands on", Office Administration, Marketing, Teaching, Obtaining Funds, Food, Clothing, Toys For the Children, Books and Daily Needs. We had Volunteers who would Come in when they had Some free Time. But the Bulk of all of the work Was Performed by me and Peter, who Was The Vice President. Neither of Us were Ever paid a salary. We NEVER
Charged for Our assistance or for Supplying Their Needs, from Food to Daily individual Needs for adequate Living. Each of Us kept Separate Jobs To Be able to Support this Charity Along With the Donations and Contributions, Which were used to Benefit others.
The Great Spirit Center is Committed to Assisting the Single Parent With Dependent Children to Reshape their Lives, to Attain a Better Lifestyle, Regain Self Esteem and Become a Productive Citizen through A Carefully Planned Two Year Support System, Which Includes Housing, Transitional And Permanent, Housewares, Furniture, Groceries, Nutritional Education, Diet and Supplements; Rejuvenation And Regeneration of the Body, Soul and Spirit; through Education, Courses in Basic Life Instruction, Job Training Skills, Money Management, Job Creation and/Or Placement. The Great Spirit Center offers a Life Rejuvenation New Beginning Opportunity.
It was the fall season in Southern California. The Year was 1992.

I was a Single Mother trying to play the Role Of "Mom and dad". It wasn't easy, but Easier for me Than a lot of other Single Moms Left alone with Several Children
And No job or education. Being Spiritually Intuitive, I heard, I listened And I obeyed The Voice that told me to "Go and help Single Parents and their Children". So, I Chose to Give up The Glamour life of Hollywood, the Film Industry to Devote my Attention to My Teenager and assist Other Single Parents Wth their children.
When I turned on the television and
Read the LA Times about The Single Parents, especially the Moms, who were Lliving in Card Board Refrigerator boxes On the Sidewalks of downtown LA, I felt
So badly for them that I could feel
"Their hurt". I didn't Know how to
"Go out and help others", but I knew That I had to Obey the Voice that I Heard. I just did for others what I Would want someone to do For me.
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Life is changed by feeding the body, the soul and spirit quality food.
Thanks to Little Bear-West Brae and it's former President Andrew Jacobson
Who Gave The Great Spirit Center it's Great Beginning !
Christina Ann picks up and Delivers Food and Clothing to those Clients who want to help themselves and their
The Beginning: 1992 in front of Christina's garage on Ave E, South Redondo Beach, California
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The GSC, Redondo Beach, CA
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We Network with other Agencies to expland the ability to help provide the Required Necessities of Daily living, so that the Single Parent has adequate Support to make A Lifestyle Change for the Betterment of themselves, their children and their Community within Two Years.
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Christina Princely(C)1992
Christina Princely(C)1992
There is One Race
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Christina Ann Princely
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Christina Princely Being Interviewed by Tony Valdez
         Midday Sunday, Fox 11, Los Angeles, 1993
" A Light in the Dark-
A Hope for a Better Way"
The Great Spirit Center
                                       Nineteen Years
          Assisting Single Parents With Dependent Children
                         In Our Home Land USA of America
"Where Miracles Do Happen"
"Where Miracles Do Happen"
The Great Spirit Center
                                       Nineteen Years
          Assisting Single Parents With Dependent Children
                         In Our Home Land USA of America
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